Saturday , October 6 2018
Vivienne Westwood Shoes – A Shoe Like Cinderella’s

Vivienne Westwood Shoes – A Shoe Like Cinderella’s

When I first visited the official portal of Vivienne Westwood, I remembered Cinderella and her shoes that changed her destiny. May be these unique and awe striking sandals bring a significant change in your life, too! They look classy and with a strange special look of each and every pair, the brand stands prominent among all the other brands for footwear.  The classy collection on the website is so enticing plus stunning that for a moment you forget to blink! The designs have nothing in common with other usually known designs in the market. And may be because of this women find this footwear the best choice of the time!

You may have pumps in your shoe rack and wedges, heels, joggers, flats and slippers are also available but none of these matches the uniqueness of Vivienne Westwood’s collection.  The shoes – all of them – have a clear feminine aura which makes them stand out. If it is not the upper, it is heel and if it is not the color, it is the design. They are always special and not in a disapproving way but in an elegant manner.

That said; it is time that you make your choice. Make your shoe rack more complete than it is now and add a pair of Vivienne Westwood shoes to complement your personality. Choose anything – a slipper, sandal, boot or high top. It is one pair now and not two as these classy options are a bit pricy; so, you can enjoy another pair next month!

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