Wednesday , April 11 2018
Crochet bikini top pattern ideas to try out

Crochet bikini top pattern ideas to try out

A crochet bikini top offers comfort as well as style to the wearer. Cotton crochet bikinis are the best to go for, as the material is soft on the body, natural as well as breathable to keep you aerated throughout the time you wear your bikini. Patterns to use are many, but finding the right one that won’t be too bulky or showy is a bit challenging.

The stockinette stitch is the simplest stitch to use for your bikini project as it gives good cover. For you to make any crochet bikini top, you will of course need to take into account the bust size, under band size and also the size of the strap. Depending on what you would like the top to look like, you can either make triangles for the breast cups or a nice halter top for your crochet bikini top.

Stockinette stitch can be used for the body of the bikini top, but for the under band and straps a different stitch, such as the chain stitch can be used.

Another great stitch pattern to try out is the granny square pattern. It produces great motifs which can be used on your crochet bikini top. The granny square is a popular crochet stitch which is not hard to learn, you can thus be able to make your own bikini top using this pattern. Beautiful daisies or flower motifs can also be added to add more visual appeal to the bikini top, using different colors of yarn.

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